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Time is money and money is a whirlpool. Rico Baumann, born 1983, is a whirlpool of a man and a musician. Billy Brooks, the BBC fan and bebop legend from New Jersey, taught him to play drums; the rest he figured out with a crate of seltzer and a water heater. Showered with prizes, the entertainment king has recently been stirring up the digital pop press with his electro-duo True. Swiss hip-hop, European Jazz orchestra, Weird Beird in Japan… the list of names and countries is as long as the Mississippi. But follow him back to his spawning grounds, and you’ll find the trout-rich waters of Der WaWaWa.

Marco Müller was born 1980 and is actually a physicist, but what does “actually” actually mean? Actually bumblebees can’t fly and actually the world is a ball. Actually Marco Müller comes from Russia. Geopolitical games aside — Der WaWaWa was already there, long before the current boundaries were laid down, as a kind of primordial being. His favorite animal, car brand, color and food are all: a lot. Jazz is there to be played, wealth is there for others to worry about. All that Marco Müller needs is a woodshop with a well out front, his old cedar wood bass and some other musicians to play with. Of the latter there are quite a few indeed. Be it with Elina Duni in Switzerland, Marc Perrenoud in Argentina, or Hildegard Lernt Fliegen in China, wherever Marco Müller is thumping, Rico Baumann and Benedikt Reising tend to show up, too. Der WaWaWa is thus quintessence and logical deduction. And a kind of home.

Benedikt Reising, born 1978, is a woodwind musician. At least that what it says on the brass plaque next to the half-open door through which the smell of warm biscuits (two-eighty a piece) has drifted out for at least the last three decades. A steady supply of provisions is a practical necessity: Benedikt Reising is often away from home. And not just gathering mushrooms. His travels are to concerts with some of the very same musicians whose records he used to spend all his allowance money on, and on tours to places whose names he’s never quite managed to pronounce correctly. He’s a hungry sort of guy. That explains Jazzwerkstatt Bern, which he launched together with colleagues from Le Rex and Hildegard Lernt Fliegen. With such a feast of delights, it’s good for him sometimes to fast on mere bread and wine: Der WaWaWa.